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Business owners know that disputes can be costly and divert valuable energy away from daily operations. Going to court is not always the most efficient option. In other cases, civil litigation may be the most effective way to resolve a dispute while safeguarding a business.

At Joyce & Graddy, PLLC, our attorneys have extensive experience in preventing and minimizing the cost of business disputes, and we have a proven record of success in these matters. We provide multiple dispute resolution services, including comprehensive counsel and representation in civil litigation, arbitration and mediation.

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Sometimes a dispute needs to be resolved, and going to court is your primary option. Our attorneys are skilled at resolving disputes in and out of court, and we can protect your interests at every stage of your legal matter, including:

  • Filing a petition or complaint (suing another party)
  • Answering a lawsuit
  • Conducting discovery
  • Going to trial
  • Collecting or appealing the judgment


In today’s world, arbitration is a common process for resolving disputes. In many cases, arbitration is contractually substituted for public court proceedings. Arbitration is a privately paid and legally approved method of resolving disputes in a binding manner without any details being revealed in the public record. Arbitration is regularly included in contracts between businesses and more so in contracts between businesses and consumers. Arbitration provides businesses the opportunity to tailor procedural rules before any dispute ever occurs. Such rules may stipulate the number of arbitrators, required time periods, amount of discovery to be conducted, amounts in controversy, and more.


Mediation is a private dispute resolution tool. In many cases, mediation is part of the process of a lawsuit prior to trial. Mediation allows a mediator — who is a trained, neutral third party — to hear both sides of the dispute. The mediator then helps each side move forward to a resolution. Mediation usually occurs in either an office setting or a virtual setting, where the parties and their counsel are separated from one another in different rooms, while the mediator attempts to aid the parties to negotiate a compromised resolution of the lawsuit.

Dispute Resolution In A Range Of Matters

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of legal matters that are relevant to our civil litigation practice. We work to resolve contract disputes, employment disputes, intellectual property disputes, probate disputes and more. We encourage you to contact us if you have dispute resolution concerns about any of the following:

Our skilled and dedicated attorneys handle all of these forms of dispute resolution. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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