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Distracted driving: A bad habit that can lead to collisions

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

When driving, the only thing a driver should be doing is focusing on the road. Failing to do so could be life threatening to themselves or others.

Unfortunately, distracted driving is a prominent issue in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention state that around nine people are killed each day in the U.S. as a result of distracted driving.

The three kinds of distractions could hurt your ability to stay safe

Any time you’re driving, there are three kinds of distractions to watch out for. These include: visual distractions, which occur when you take your eyes off the road and look at something else, manual distractions, which happen when your hands come off the wheel to pick something up, change a radio station or do something else, and cognitive distractions, which happen when you take your mind off what you’re doing.

Sometimes, two or three of these types of distractions happen at the same time. Sadly, even a few seconds of distractions can lead to your vehicle going a long distance without the attention needed to stay safe. In a split second, you could go from driving straight ahead to going off the road. You could cross the center line or fail to see a hazard up ahead.

How can you reduce the likelihood of a distracted driving crash?

You can take steps to avoid distracted driving collisions. To start with, you should set aside your electronics and devices in your vehicle.

Next, talk to your passengers about having calm conversations in the vehicle and staying seated. You may also have rules for people to follow while in your vehicle, such as not listening to loud music.

Finally, don’t eat or drink behind the wheel. Park or stop if you have to do anything that will take your mind off the road or your hands off the wheel.

It can be difficult to predict what others will do on the road, but these tips can help you know that you’re doing what you can to prevent a distracted driving crash. If you’re hit by someone else, then know that you may be able to seek compensation for their errors.